How to Draw a Bunny Eating Grass?

Answer Creating a series of circles forms the shape of a bunny's body. The bunny is depicted sitting sideways, eating grass with his teeth showing.

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How to Draw a Cow Eating Grass?

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How do I stop a pet bunny from eating shoes?

Create A Bunny Friendly SpaceRemove all shoes or other items you do not want your bunny to eat or chew from a small room, hutch or rabbit run. Place your bunny in this space along with a selection ... Read More »

Where do you start eating a chocolate bunny?

I start with the ears and proceed to the head. As soon as I finish, I pour a mudslide drink into it and drink it through an orange straw.I call it "Savoring the Chocolate Bunny's last moments". Bon... Read More »

How to Draw a Bunny?

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