How to Draw a Blue Whale?

Answer The largest animal that exists today is the blue whale, with a length of over 30 meters and a weight of 180 metric tons. Learn how to draw this huge, majestic sea creature by following the tutorial... Read More »

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How to Draw a Whale?

Ever want to draw a whale, but not sure how? Here are 10 easy steps to draw this cute little guy!

How to Draw a Killer Whale?

Fast fact! Killer whales or Orcas, are more related to dolphins than whales. They may look cute but be warned that these animals are known to be one of the top predators in the ocean!Learn to draw ... Read More »

How to Draw a Humpback Whale?

The Humpback Whale is a species of baleen whale. It is a huge animal that usually migrates 16,000 miles each year!

How big is a blue whale's eye?

The eye of the adult blue whale is about the size of a softball (3.8 inches across), depending on the overall size of the animal, according to Frederick Wenzel of WhaleNet at Wheelock College. The ... Read More »