How to Draw a Billiards Ball?

Answer Billiards (or pool) is an entertaining game that, with practice, you can master and use to your advantage when taking bets. Learn how to draw your very own billiard ball using this tutorial!

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How to Put a Draw on the Ball?

Almost anyone can swing a golf club, but careful shot placement requires a sophisticated understanding of your setup and swing. You can vary both to change the flight path of the ball, avoiding obs... Read More »

How to Draw a Soccer Ball?

Soccer balls are fun to play with, but can be unfamiliar to draw. The traditional soccer ball is made from two flat shapes, pentagons and hexagons. A pentagon, of course, is a five sided polygon, w... Read More »

How to Draw a Ball Jointed Doll?

The term "ball-jointed doll" usually refers to an anime-influenced doll made of hard plastic and strung together with elastic.[1] This tutorial will show you how to draw a basic ball-jointed doll.

How do I draw a water polo ball?

Draw a circle on a piece of paper. There are many brands of water polo balls; for these directions, the common Mikasa yellow ball is used as the example.Draw three rectangles within the circle, sta... Read More »