How to Draw a Beautiful Dragon?

Answer Since dragons are imaginary creatures there is no right or wrong way to draw one. However, most artists imagine dragons as large, reptilian creatures with wings and powerful muscles. If you are int... Read More »

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How to Draw a Dragon?

Do you have trouble drawing mythical creatures? It's not as straightforward as drawing a frog or a car, but you have more room for creativity because no one can ever say it doesn't look like the re... Read More »

How to Draw a Chinese Dragon?

This isn't the final product, but it's cool!Have you seen those beautiful paper dragons they hang in Chinese restaurants? Do you want to draw one? Although they may look difficult to draw at first,... Read More »

How to Draw a Dragon Head?

It's not difficult to draw a dragon head, if you have a clear pattern to work from and a little bit of creativity. The drawing evolves from basic shapes and is gradually refined until it's revealed... Read More »

How to Draw Dragon Birds?

Dragon birds are dramatic creatures to draw. They can also be quite problematic to portray, because it is easy to fall into a trap of drawing a dragon with wings. An appreciation of fantasy will he... Read More »