How to Draw a Bear?

Answer Have you ever wanted to draw a bear? Have you tried again and again to make the perfect bear? Well, drawing a bear is easy once you know how! You don't have to get frustrated or anything! Follow th... Read More »

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How to Draw an Emo Bear?

Emo is a term that refers to emotional or highly sensitive. It is commonly depicted in drawings with sad or depressed figures with punk characteristics. Dark blues and blacks are usually chosen to ... Read More »

How to Draw a Bear Paw Print?

Understanding a bear's behavior and habitat is critical for people to learn how to peacefully live in an area where bears exist. Parents and teachers can inform children about bear facts, and dismi... Read More »

How to Draw a Teddy Bear?

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How to Draw a Japanese Bear?

The Japanese black bear is very similar to the North American variety albeit a little smaller in size. In Japan it is called a moon-circle bear, due to the pale yellow crescent on its chest. The on... Read More »