How to Draw With MyPaint?

Answer Ain't it pretty!?MyPaint is a small freeware program that comes with a lot of brushes that make it easy and fun to digitally draw.

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How to Add Brushes to MyPaint?

An example of what can be done with the right brushesMyPaint is a small, open source graphics program that gives your digital artwork a whole different edge. Brushes add more to it. This article wi... Read More »

How to Install and Use MyPaint?

Opening screenMyPaint is an open source software that is primarily for Linux. However, a slightly older version has been made available for Windows users. It is also at its best when used with a ta... Read More »

How do you save on the MyPaint program?

MyPaint can save/load images as PNG, JPG and ORA (OpenRaster, an evolving standard in the open source world).Save in ORA when you want to pause your work and continue in MyPaint later, it is the on... Read More »

How to Use MyPaint to Make a Sketch from a Photograph?

a very basic drawing of ClaireMyPaint is a small, free' drawing program that actually has layers to make it easier for you to draw, even if you don't have the talent.