How to Draw Trusses?

Answer Trusses are ubiquitous structural building components that impart tremendous strength-to-weight ratios. A truss is designed to distribute loads both static (stationary) and dynamic (moving). Engi... Read More »

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Is it more expensive to order prefabricated trusses and get a crane or build the trusses on site?

Answer prefabricated trusses and typically less expensive when they are fabricated for repetitive use in housing project with similarly designed roofs. If the roof is a standard Gable this helps in... Read More »

Why do we use trusses?

Trusses are triangular structures whose shape allows them to support a great deal of weight. A triangular shape is more rigid than a square or rectangle and therefore provides better support as a l... Read More »

Why do trusses fail?

The structure of a truss is designed to support a tremendous amount of weight. They are not infallible, however. Although it is rare, and usually preventable, there are a number of reasons why trus... Read More »

Styles of Trusses?

Whether remodeling your existing house or building your dream home, choosing one of the many different styles of truss available allows you to be more creative when considering the aesthetics of th... Read More »