How to Draw Thick Girls?

Answer Thick is the word used to describe women who are stocky or big-boned. Drawing a thick woman isn't difficult. By creating the basic shape of a woman and expanding on the outer lines, you can create ... Read More »

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How to Style Thick Hair for Girls?

Thick hair is the envy of any girl because the styling possibilities are endless. Girls can pull hair into a ponytail, create a faux-hawk or wrap the hair into chignon depending on their mood and p... Read More »

Why am I attracted to girls with very very thick makeup?

no they dont.. haha weird exactly how you described girls with lots of makeup!-- thats how i wear mine ;) lolim not a hooker!! >:(

Do you like the thick girls , slim ones , or with curves ..?

Every girl of any shape or size is beautiful.

Haircuts for Girls With Thick Hair?

Finding the right hairstyle for a girl with thick hair can be a trick. Thick hair can be tiring to manage when it is too long. This doesn't mean the hairstyle has to be very short. Thick hair looks... Read More »