How to Draw Standing Anthro Wolves?

Answer Anthro wolves is short for anthropomorphism wolves. Drawing anthro wolves is to draw an animal which is a representation of a wolf and a human. A wolf with human facial and physical traits. Drawing... Read More »

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How to Draw an Anthro Lion?

In drawing, an "Anthro" refers to an animal that is drawn with human qualities. This article will teach you to draw an anthro lion.

How to Draw Realistic Wolves?

Wolves are majestic creatures, and drawing one takes continuous practice. Art pieces featuring wolves is very popular in Native American culture, as well as many others. They are a symbol of streng... Read More »

How to Draw Pictures of Gray Wolves?

In North America, wolves have been eliminated in most of the lower 48 states through destruction of habitat, poisoning and hunting. Gray wolves can resemble German Shepherds although they have a na... Read More »

How to Draw Anime Foxes & Wolves?

Anime, the Japanese style of cartooning, is a master of creating beautiful and enticing drawings of animals. Some of the two most popular animals seen in Anime are the wolf and fox. Generally speak... Read More »