How to Draw Spiky Anime Hair?

Answer Anime, or manga, is a distinct visual style that has become recognizable beyond the borders of Japan where anime originated. An eye-catching visual in anime is the gravity-defying spiky hairstyles.... Read More »

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Spiky Anime Hairstyles?

To easily tell one anime character apart from another, simply look at the character's hairstyle. Brightly colored, gravity-defying hairstyles are characteristic of many anime series. You could desc... Read More »

How to Draw Boys With Anime Hair?

Anime is a style of drawing that is popular in Asia. The differences between the anime style and a regular style come down the details. Large eyes, small noses and mouths and outlandish hair are al... Read More »

How to Draw Styles of Anime Hair?

Anime and manga hairstyles are known for being wild and exaggerated, which often is part of the appeal. The variety of hairstyles help convey things such as personality, temperament, and even the g... Read More »

How to Draw Different Types of Boys' Anime Hair?

If you an aspiring anime artist there's a good chance that you've tried to come up with some of your own anime characters. Making a character requires drawing things often overlooked, such as hair ... Read More »