How to Draw Shoes?

Answer Shoes aren't always easy to draw, but they can be interesting to draw because they have a lot of shape and a lot of personality. Here are a few pointers on getting them to come out right.

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How to Draw the Backs of Shoes?

If you are drawing a picture of the back perspective of people, you need to learn how to realistically draw the backs of shoes. You must learn how to draw the backs of two different categories of s... Read More »

How to Draw Shoes in Fashion?

Drawing shoes in fashion style will help you map out the idea or design you have in your head. You're able to see if the shape of the shoe fits the color scheme/embellishments that you are picturin... Read More »

How to Draw Shoes on People?

Footwear is older than civilization. Markings in caves, dated over 15,000 years old, depict early shoes made of fur and the hides of animals. By contrast, today's shoes take on countless shapes and... Read More »

Cool Things to Draw on Shoes?

You don't have to be a professional artist to turn shoes into a design masterpiece. With waterproof fabric markers and a healthy imagination, you can scribble and doodle to create a cool design. Th... Read More »