How to Draw Scenery?

Answer Have you drawn a castle or just about anything and need scenery? You must know how, or else your fantastic drawing will become messed up. So why not learn?To draw beginner scenery you need to read on.

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How to Shade Scenery?

Learning how to add shade can make the simplest drawing of scenery look great. Shading is a matter of adjusting the values of colors. In sceneries, light values indicate sun and dark values indicat... Read More »

How to Make Tyranid Scenery?

The Tyranids are an alien "super organism," a hive mind whose bio-engineered warriors are designed to destroy other life forms in the tabletop miniatures game Warhammer 40,000. Once the Tyranid inv... Read More »

Ocean Scenery Crafts?

With its calming waves, the smell of saltwater and the appeal of sandy beaches, it's no wonder the ocean is a top vacation and relaxation spot. If you can't take a trip to the ocean, you can still ... Read More »

Photoshop Scenery Tricks?

With a regular or digital camera, you're often stuck with the image you get after you press the button to take a picture, including bad lighting, gray skies, an errant bird in your landscape or eve... Read More »