How to Draw Realistic Flames With Pencils?

Answer Like snowflakes, no two fires are alike. While there are general guidelines to follow when drawing fire, the task also leaves room for a lot of freehand sketching. You should keep certain qualities... Read More »

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How to Paint Realistic Flames on Autos?

You can paint realistic flames on a vehicle with an airbrush. You don't need a lot of drawing talent--and you can buy stencils if you don't want to tackle drawing. Either way, be sure to wear prote... Read More »

How to Draw Flames?

This shall just teach you the basics of how to draw flames. Flames are most commonly used in co-ordinance with fire, but is not limited to fire.

How to Draw Flames & Fire?

The bright light and flickering instability of fire can provide a natural drama to a drawing. But fire doesn't have the structure of a solid, or even the relative form of a liquid or gas; it's inta... Read More »

How to Draw 3D Flames on Paper?

When shade is added to 2D drawings a 3D effect is created. The artist must determine the areas of light and dark and be able to bring out the lightness by adding tones of value to other areas. The... Read More »