How to Draw Realistic Animals With Depth?

Answer Have you struggled to draw an animal the way you would like? Do you draw it and it looks flat or disproportional? Or it doesn't capture the range of values as the picture does? Keep reading!

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How to Draw with Realistic Shading?

This is a picture of AlcatrazThis is a basic way to teach a younger or less experienced artist to shade realistically with graphite, and eventually other media as well.

How to Draw Realistic Flames With Pencils?

Like snowflakes, no two fires are alike. While there are general guidelines to follow when drawing fire, the task also leaves room for a lot of freehand sketching. You should keep certain qualities... Read More »

How to Draw a Realistic Dog?

So, you know how to draw a cartoon dog. You know how to draw a dog's face. What about a realistic dog? This article will help.

How to Draw a Realistic Eye?

When drawing portraits, it is important to be able to draw an eye.