How to Draw Random People?

Answer In order to improve your skills as an artist, you must practice drawing the human figure. If you are unable to take a figure drawing class or you want to practice drawing quickly, draw random peopl... Read More »

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What is that show where people get random funny questions and have to ask random people walking the streets the questions?

Why do people have such a problem with random people adding them?

I understand where you're coming from, but I myself don't like to add someone randomly over the internet. It feels like a complete stranger came up to me and asked for my personal info. I mean I kn... Read More »

How to Draw a Random Sample?

A sample is a subset of a population. When doing research, you usually cannot access your entire population, so you take a sample. A variety of sampling schemes exist, including convenience sampl... Read More »

Are the people on Brainrush actors or just random people?