How to Draw Quick Trees & Shrubs in Pen & Ink?

Answer Drawing is an art in its own right or it can be a prelude to more ambitious projects. Learning how to recreate your visual concepts with a quick sketch is important, as is rendering a detailed draw... Read More »

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Dwarf Shrubs & Trees?

Many trees commonly found in forests and landscapes grow to 50 feet or more, making them impractical, if not impossible, additions to confined spaces, such as small yards and gardens. Even shrubs c... Read More »

How to Identify Trees and Shrubs?

Trees and shrubs add dimension, texture, color and interest to your landscape--no matter if you live in a rural, suburban or urban setting. They come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the space... Read More »

Why will shrubs grow before trees?

Because they're lower growing and because they have shallower roots are the reasons why shrubs tend to grow and reach their mature height before trees. Shrubs that mature to a height of around 30 f... Read More »

Why aren't there ever any shrubs under coniferous trees?

The needles of the conifers form a acid mulch that does not suit many plants although some grow around the edge of the canopy.