How to Draw Pointed Toes?

Answer The human foot has long been a thing of beauty and contradiction for artists. The contradiction of the foot is evident when the artist observes the size of feet in comparison to the rest of the bod... Read More »

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Husband walks with toes pointed outwards (feet are in a v shape when walking)?

We can't diagnose him here he needs to be at least x-rayed. But you should go to an orthopedist (bone doctor), i think he or she would be the best choice for a proper diagnosis. I wish u good luck!

Is it normal for a dance teacher to duck tape a little girls feet down to the dance mat as an exercise to keep there toes pointed?

I don't see anything concerning with this practice. I am coming from the perspective of martial arts training, which at this age is a form of dance. Alot of these movements are dependent on "muscle... Read More »

How to Draw a Perfect Five-Pointed Star?

Many great artists and painters from history knew and used geometry to create masterpieces. Understanding the principles of mathematics makes it easier to draw or build well-proportioned objects. T... Read More »

How to Draw a Five Pointed Star With a One Point Perspective?

Geometry is a fun activity that can be used to create many fascinating shapes and designs. Even by limiting your drawing activities to working with two-dimensional space, there are a lot of creativ... Read More »