How to Draw Pictures of Gray Wolves?

Answer In North America, wolves have been eliminated in most of the lower 48 states through destruction of habitat, poisoning and hunting. Gray wolves can resemble German Shepherds although they have a na... Read More »

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How many babies do gray wolves have?

Gray wolves give birth to four to six pups on average, although a litter size can range from one to 11 pups. Mating generally occurs between late January and March. A female wolf’s gestation per... Read More »

How Gray Wolves Take Care of Their Children?

Gray wolves are social creatures that live in packs, with each member responsible for helping with the care and upbringing of their young. The pack includes one dominant male and female, their prev... Read More »

Endangered Populations & Species of Gray Wolves?

Wolves are the largest members of the canine family; the most widespread land mammals and ancestors of the domestic dog. Of the four species, the North American Gray Wolf (Canis lupis) --- aka the ... Read More »

How to Draw Realistic Wolves?

Wolves are majestic creatures, and drawing one takes continuous practice. Art pieces featuring wolves is very popular in Native American culture, as well as many others. They are a symbol of streng... Read More »