How to Draw Muscles on People?

Answer Drawing is a common pastime for many people. Even though every artist has a slightly different style, you still have to understand the fundamentals to make your figure look human. Many art classes ... Read More »

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What do people mean by switching workouts to trick your muscles?

don't want to get the muscles used to the same routine. If a vato always does a bunch press, he needs to switch it up and do a military press or incline or something like that.

How to Draw Cat People?

Cats who stand and walk like humans are popular in literature, comics, and cartoons. From Puss in Boots (Le Chat Botté) to Fritz the Cat to Hello Kitty, cats in animated, anthropomorphized version... Read More »

How to Draw People?

Drawing a person, or many people, sounds difficult, but it's really a simple process if you approach it systematically. In this How-To, you'll find instructions on drawing a human male figure using... Read More »

How to Draw People Fighting?

It's fun to draw your favorite superheroes, but it's difficult to give them the same visual excitement you see in the fight scenes that practically pop off the page. Characters simply look flat whe... Read More »