How to Draw Mountain Landscapes?

Answer Drawing impressive-looking mountain landscapes is often not difficult for advanced artists, or even beginning artists. You should find that drawing a realistic mountain landscape takes little effor... Read More »

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How to Draw a Volcanic Mountain?

A volcanic mountain resembles a regular mountain with the exception of two features. Where a regular mountain has a peak at the top, a volcanic mountain has a blunt top that almost resembles a plat... Read More »

How to Draw a Mountain Peak?

Mountains can dominate a landscape. Tall majestic peaks, gently rolling ranges or sharp brooding crags, the mountain can take on many forms and emotions that artists attempt to portray. When captur... Read More »

How to Drain Landscapes?

Excessive water can cause significant damage to a yard. Once the ground is saturated, puddles of standing water draw mosquitoes and detract from the function and appeal of your yard. Draining a lan... Read More »

How to Paint Impressionist Landscapes?

Impressionist artists use the effects of light in nature to create a reinterpretation of reality. Historically, Impressionism followed the naturist movement of the Renaissance, and artists such as ... Read More »