How to Draw Medieval Armor?

Answer Medieval armor is one of the most famous and recognized symbol of medieval times. Armor had a very important role in protecting a solder during duels and battle. Learn how to draw it by following t... Read More »

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What is medieval armor?

The medieval period, or Middle Ages, began with the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 A.D. and lasted for about 1,000 years. Many wars were fought during that time, and, consequently, soldiers develo... Read More »

What Was Medieval Armor in the 1500s?

By the 1500s, the medieval era was drawing to a close and the Renaissance was about to begin, but knights still fought in full suits of armor. Often engraved and silvered, it gave rise to the conce... Read More »

What are medieval knights'armor called?

Medieval knights wore many pieces of armor to protect their bodies including sabatons for the feet and poleyns for the knee cap. The knight's arms and hands were covered by besagues, rerebraces, va... Read More »

What was a medieval knight's armor made of?

A medieval knight's armor was made of chainmail, which consists of thousands of steel rings locked together. Under the armor, knights wore a padded garment. They also had a leather-covered wooden s... Read More »