How to Draw Humanized Animals?

Answer Human beings are very good at anthropomorphizing animals and objects in thought and speech but when it comes to drawing humanized animals, it's not always evident as to how to make the animal appea... Read More »

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How to Draw Animals?

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How to Draw an Animation of Animals?

Drawing an animation of an animal purely can be made by hand, through a computer or a combination of both. Generally, the modern animation process already utilizes computers when creating animated ... Read More »

How to Draw Water Animals?

A water animal can be easy or complicated for an artist, depending on the nature of the animal and the type of drawing the artist is attempting to make. Drawing a cartoon fish, for example, is much... Read More »

How to Draw Grassland Animals?

Grasslands animals are some of the most captivating creatures on earth. The massive forms of the elephant, the long neck of the giraffe , the speed of the cheetah and stunning stripes of the zebra ... Read More »