How to Draw Humanized Animals?

Answer Human beings are very good at anthropomorphizing animals and objects in thought and speech but when it comes to drawing humanized animals, it's not always evident as to how to make the animal appea... Read More »

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How to Draw Animals?

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How to Draw Different Animals?

Drawing animals can be a fun and enjoyable pastime; many people find find animals to be particularly interesting subjects to sketch. With just a few basic drawing techniques, you can draw various t... Read More »

How to Draw Animals Using Shapes?

Drawing animals is much easier with a framework in place to use as a guideline. Learn how to draw any animal you want and use reference images to add accuracy to those drawings. Use your drawings a... Read More »

How to Draw Animals for Children?

Drawing and coloring is a common childhood activity. Children who love animals might want to draw them. A child who thinks he does not know how to draw an animal might become frustrated when attemp... Read More »