How to Draw Hands Praying?

Answer Learn to draw hands that are praying. Just follow these easy steps!Note: Follow the red lines for each step.

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How to Draw a Praying Mantis?

Praying Mantises are meat-eating insects. They do not actively hunt down their prey, however. They wait still and almost invisible on a leaf or stem, ready to grab any passing insect. In this tutor... Read More »

How to Draw Realistic Hands?

Many people draw hands in different poses. This is one way you can do it, if you like. However, it takes gradual building of tone to draw a realistic hand.

How to Draw Human Hands?

Hands are among the most difficult parts of a person to capture on paper. This is, in part, because hands have small, dexterous fingers that often end up looking big and clumsy on paper. Most hands... Read More »

How to Draw a Boy & Girl Holding Hands?

Human hands are the trickiest things to draw, especially if the hands are curled or clenched in any way. So when you are trying to draw people holding hands, the key is to lay out where everything ... Read More »