How to Draw Good Optical Illusions?

Answer An optical illusion, sometimes called a visual illusion, is an image in which the perception actually differs from reality. Popular optical illusions include an image which, depending how you view ... Read More »

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How to See Magic Eye Optical Illusions?

The 3D Magic Eye Illusions were a huge craze of the 1990s. Books filled with the images laid on coffee tables and people sat intensely staring cross-eyed into their pages. Unfortunately, for some, ... Read More »

How the Eye Sees Optical Illusions?

The eye sees optical illusions in many different situations. They can be seen in everyday situations such as perceived motion in a stationary object. All such illusions are due to the brain's vi... Read More »

How Are Optical Illusions Caused?

Creating an optical illusion involves some thinking since the creator has to take advantage of a viewer's vision and mental perception to make the illusion work. The eye-brain coordination of perce... Read More »

How Do Optical Illusions Trick the Eye?

Our eyes are amazing organs; they're capable of interpreting reflected light into sight. They can also help us determine distance, color and location of objects around us, all within seconds of see... Read More »