How to Draw Crossbows?

Answer The crossbow was a popular weapon for soldiers in the Middle Ages. Because of it required little technical expertise, the crossbow emerged as a favorite weapon for the peasant population and the ar... Read More »

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Are crossbows legal in the uk?

Crossbows are legal in the United Kingdom. However, there are age restrictions on who can buy a crossbow and the specifications of the crossbow. The United Kingdom does not consider crossbows to be... Read More »

How to Make Rubberband Crossbows?

A basic crossbow can be made using office supplies. However, when it is assembled, the crossbow should be used with caution. It may seem like fun to launch objects at friends, but small items hurtl... Read More »

Cocking Methods for Crossbows?

Crossbows have been used for hunting and warfare since the Middle Ages. Similar to an archery bow in some ways, a crossbow uses a drawn string to propel a short, sharp dart, or bolt, toward a targe... Read More »

Are crossbows legal in Massachusetts?

You may use a crossbow for hunting in Massachusetts only if you have a permanent physical disability that prevents you from using a "conventional bow and arrow," according to the General Laws of Ma... Read More »