How to Draw Asian People?

Answer Drawing Asian people is a skill that is essential to learn if you want to become an artist, based in the concept artist field or based in the traditional art field. You will need to know how to dra... Read More »

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Do asian people eat frogs?

I don't know, but we Americans do! Especially in fancy restaurants, and deep fried hole in the wall places.

Do people in Asian countries get diabetes?

Diabetes is spreading more quickly in Asia than any other continent. An estimated 89 million Asians suffer from diabetes. India has the highest rate with 32.7 million, followed by China with 22.6 m... Read More »

Do I refer to people as Oriental or Asian?

Different people from different areas, regions, families and ethnic backgrounds in Asia differ on whether they prefer to be called Oriental or Asian, according to Model Minority: A Guide to Asian A... Read More »

Do Asian people like Mexican food?

You know I've seen the same thing around here!I don't think this is racist at all.My local Chinese buffet's customers are at least half hispanic and that is higher percentage than the local populat... Read More »