How to Draw Army Tanks?

Answer Ever wanted to draw something to do with the army that's really fun and cool well you're at the right article.

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How does the US army use tanks?

Carefully with the proper personnel assigned to them.

Why do you still use army tanks?

Militaries still use tanks for artillery from the guns or newer tanks with rockets, infantry support, they can easily maneuver and are able to smash through structures, and can break through infant... Read More »

Do they still use flamethrower tanks in the army?

The Vietnam War may have been the last time US tanks used flame-throwers on their tanks. Today's hi-tech computorized weapons have largely negated the reasons for such primitive weapons.Those flame... Read More »

Where are US army tanks made?

Most of the M48A3 Patton 90mm medium gunned tanks used in the Vietnam War were built by the Chrysler Defence in Detriot.Chrysler Defence was purchased by General Dynamics Land Systems Division in 1... Read More »