How to Draw An Animal Cell Without Labels?

Answer All tissues and organs of an animal are composed of cells. For different types of tissues to exist within an animal, the cells that compose these tissues must express a slightly different set of ge... Read More »

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How to Distinguish Between Cell Division in Both the Plant & Animal Cell?

Animal cells and plant cells, while similar in function, behave differently and use their varying parts for special purposes. When studying the differences between how each cell divides, you should... Read More »

Is the nucleus of an animal cell bigger than a plant cell?

The nucleus of a plant cell is larger than that of an animal cell as a plant cell nucleus contains one vacuole---a compound storage compartment or cavity---that is larger (nearly 90 percent volume ... Read More »

Is sperm an animal cell or a plant cell?

Sperm is a male animal reproductive cell. Plant and animal cells differ in that plant cells have organelles called chloroplasts filled with chlorophyll, which conduct photosynthesis. Animal cells d... Read More »

Is the animal cell larger than the plant cell?

A plant cell tends to be larger than an animal cell. This is because plant cells have large vacuoles to store water, which animal cells don't have. The vacuole can expand to store up to 90 percent ... Read More »