How to Draw Albert Einstein?

Answer Albert Einstein was a quirky genius who's now mostly known for his contributions to physics, especially the development of the special and general theories of relativity. Here's how to draw a carto... Read More »

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When did Albert Einstein help nasa?

Did Albert Einstein invent the refrigerator?

YES he did. Actually , He invented a refrigerator using an alternate method from the one we are used to. It only uses a small heat source to provider refrigeration.

When did albert Einstein invent the refrigerator and how?

Yes, Einstein did invent a refrigerator. He only designed one. He did not invent the FIRST one.

What did Albert Einstein discover as a scientist?

Albert Einstein developed several theories in his lifetime, according to the Public Broadcasting System. His most oft-cited work is the theory of relativity, which says that time, mass and weight a... Read More »