How to Draw A Gnome?

Answer Drawing a gnome is something everyone can do, at least in a simple form. If you are a more skilled artist, you will probably feel more confident adding in extra detail on the gnome but for the purp... Read More »

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There used to be a tv show in the 90's that featured a man who used to teach children how to draw He put the pencil to his forehead and yelled draw draw draw What was this show called?

The show was called "Imagination Station" with Mark Kistler. He is still drawing to this day!

Do you prefer GNOME or KDE?

Its always going to be a HOTLY contested one this. Mostly because of the manner of the distros. that I work with, then I would have to say Gnome. However KDE 4.0 is hugely impressive, particularly ... Read More »

How to Configure a Gnome Screensaver?

Gnome is a desktop manager program for the Linux operating system that is used on various Linux distributions (its chief rival is the KDE desktop manager). Gnome allows users to set up screensavers... Read More »

Lawn Gnome Advice?

Marry him... they are cousins to elves, and while they may not make the wonderfull cookies their tree-dwelling cousins make, their muffins are out of this world...