How to Drain the Radiator on a 2003 Infiniti G35?

Answer The radiator on a 2003 Infinity G35 forces coolant through the engine to draw heat away from the engine. In this way, it acts like a large heat sink. High temperatures, while a necessary byproduct ... Read More »

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How do I Drain the Radiator on a 2003 PT Cruiser?

Draining the radiator in your 2003 PT Cruiser may be done for a couple of reasons. A common one is to change the coolant. Another reason is to remove the radiator for replacement. The radiator's pr... Read More »

How to Drain a Radiator for a 2003 Chevy Malibu?

If you need to change the radiator in your Chevrolet Malibu or replace the coolant in the system, you need to drain the coolant from the radiator. The radiator on the Malibu includes an accessible ... Read More »

The Location of the Drain Valve for the Radiator on a 2003 PT Cruiser?

The drain valve on your PT Cruiser's radiator provides a quick and easy method for you to discharge the coolant. Whether you're changing the thermostat or replacing the heater core, you'll need to... Read More »

How to Remove the Radiator in an Infiniti J30?

Road debris, corrosion and rust can easily ruin the radiator in your Infiniti J30. In turn, a leaking or clogged radiator will fail to provide the engine with an adequate flow of lower temperature ... Read More »