How to Drain a Washing Machine by Hand?

Answer If your washing machine suddenly stops and refuses to keep working but still has a lot of water in it, repairing it won't be possible until the water is removed. This article explains how to drain ... Read More »

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Does the kitchen sink drain into a washing machine drain pipe?

On One Hand: Washing Machine Drains Are Large EnoughThe washing machine drains water into an open plumbing drain that empties into the main house drain and eventually into the sewer. The drain pipe... Read More »

I put hand washing powder in my washing machine.....?

i'm sure that's happened to us busy mums once in a while try putting on a extra spin or rinse at end of wash, good luck

How to Plumb a Washing Machine Drain?

Washing machine drain lines are often simply draped over the edge of a utility sink, where they empty into the sink's drain. But this practice is not approved by some building codes, and the machi... Read More »

How to Unclog a Washing Machine Drain?

Unclogging a washing machine drain depends on where the clog is in the line. If your drain is backing up water where the drain hose fits into the house drain line, call a plumber. The clog is withi... Read More »