How to Drain a Gas Tank in a F250 Diesel Truck?

Answer If you need to remove the fuel tank on a Ford F-250 diesel truck due to a bad fuel pump, you need to remove at least three-quarters of the diesel from the fuel tank to make the tank manageable to h... Read More »

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How to Replace the Rotors on a F250 Diesel Truck?

If the rotors on the Ford F250 are too thin, or have surface damage, you need to replace them. The minimum thickness for a Ford F250 pickup truck is 1.447 thousandths of an inch as indicated by a m... Read More »

Installation Instructions for a Cam Sensor for a Ford Truck Diesel F250?

The camshaft sensor is part of the computerized engine controls on many vehicles. The camshaft sensor determines engine speed. This data is sent to the vehicle's main computer where the information... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a 1999 F250 Ford Diesel Truck That is Hard to Start?

The 1999 Ford F-250 is a diesel truck that many people use to haul heavy items with good fuel economy. If your F-250 is having a hard time starting, there are a few things that you can do before yo... Read More »

How to Drain & Fill the Radiator on a Chevrolet One Ton Diesel Truck?

The coolant running through the diesel engine of your 1-ton Chevrolet truck keeps the engine from building up excessive heat. When performing a repair on the cooling system of your engine you will ... Read More »