How to Drain Transmission Fluid on a 1999 GMC Sonoma?

Answer A 1999 GMC Sonoma truck can come with either manual or automatic transmission. How you drain the transmission fluid depends on the transmission type. It also determines how often you need to drain ... Read More »

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How to Drain Transmission Fluid From a 1999 Honda Accord V6?

Honda recommends you change your Accord's transmission fluid every 30,000 miles to help ensure your transmission shifts smooth and accurately the entire life of the car. Checking your transmission ... Read More »

How do I Drain an Automatic Transmission on a 4-Speed GMC Sonoma 4L60E?

The GM 4L60E automatic transmission was first produced in 1992 and is found in trucks, cars and vans across GM's lineup. In light pickups it is present in the Sonoma and S-10. The 4L60E transmissio... Read More »

How to Drain & Refill Transmission Fluid & Brake Fluid?

Checking the fluids of your car is a must as part of a regular maintenance program. Running a car with bad brake or transmission fluid, or no fluid at all, can cause catastrophic damage to your veh... Read More »

How to Drain Some Transmission Fluid?

Transmission fluid is a lubricant used in automatic transmissions, and as a hydraulic fluid in many manual transmissions. Although drivers rarely pay it much attention, changing transmission fluid ... Read More »