How to Drain Coolant From a Cadillac CTS?

Answer The Cadillac CTS is a popular sports sedan that combines luxury features with high-end performance. The cooling system is a little different from most other cars, in that it has a coolant reservoir... Read More »

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How to Drain Engine Coolant From a KIA Sportage?

Although most people don't do it, you should flush your cooling system every 40,000 miles to get out any sediments or deposits that may be in your system. The first step in that process is removing... Read More »

How to Drain Coolant From an Engine Block in an Integra?

Drain the engine coolant from an Integra's engine block at regular manufacturer-recommended intervals, if the coolant becomes contaminated or if you or someone else put radiator stop leak in the sy... Read More »

How to Add Coolant to a Cadillac?

Engine coolant consists of a 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and water. Antifreeze contains chemical compounds that prevent the engine coolant from freezing. If the coolant freezes inside the engine, i... Read More »

Replace Cadillac SRX Coolant?

It is a good idea to replace Cadillac SRX coolant every year to prolong the life of your engine. The coolant used in all General Motor vehicles, including the Cadillac SRX, is DEX-COOL. That's a we... Read More »