How to Downloading videos from youtube.....?

Answer Open the web browser.Go to .choose the video you want and copy the link.Open the website www.downloadyoutubevideos.comPaste the link in it and press download.You will find on the right ... Read More »

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Downloading videos from youtube? doesn’t have a lot of options, but it’s simple, and it works. It also enables you to share the YouTube video with your friends via e-mail. Unfortunately, all the files are ... Read More »

Is downloading videos from youtube free?

-Yes, it's Free.-Install & Update Flash plugin.-Download & install a youtube video downloader software.

Can you get viruses from downloading videos from youtube?

Yes and no.If the site is running third party code then it's always possible it will get exploited. As for the video's, some require the use of codecs and these are a malware haven. If your running... Read More »

Downloading youtube videos?

I use "Easy Youtube Video Downloader" as a Firefox add on. This allows you to easily download videos in mp3 (audio), mp4 (video) and flv format with 1 click of a button, while you're on that actual... Read More »