How to Download a Movie from Turbonick?

Answer Turbonick contains a lot of full-length episodes from the popular tv channel, Nickelodeon. Have you ever wondered how to get those movies onto your computer LEGALLY?

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How Can I Download a Flash Movie From a Website?

Flash is a video file format that is used on the Internet because of its high quality and low file sizes. For all its strengths, one downside is that you cannot download flash movies by simply righ... Read More »

Whats a good movie editing program that I can download from the internet for free?

You won't get any good ones for free, but if you want to spend the money and do it the right way, i reccomend Pinnacle or NeroVision. Pinnacle is deffinatly #1 in my book :)

Is there a way to download videos from youtube onto your computer, so that you can use them in a movie maker?

What codec to download for importing video from a samsung SC-X300 into windows movie maker?

when I download anything from my camera etc sometimes I have to play around with the files. try opening the file with another program originally and see if that helps good luck