How to Download Video Files from Youtube and Other Sites with ClipNabber?

Answer You want to save a video that you saw on YouTube or Vimeo or any other site, but you don't know how, without downloading anything but the video? Here is how.

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How to Download Music from a YouTube Video With Dirpy?

This article will teach you how to download music from YouTube with Dirpy.

How can i download metacafe video and youtube files to my laptop?

My favorite is VideoGetting ( Its web basedii) Convert youtube videos real timeiii) Make available downloads immediatelyiv) Can convert for Windows/Mac/iPod/iPh... Read More »

Is it legal to download YouTube vidoes with permission from the video creators?

Yes, and if you only download the video for your own personal viewing, you don't even need ANY permission. It is called "fair use" and this is the reason why video recorders for TV are legal, eve... Read More »

How to download videos from sites like youtube etc?

I will suggest a normal way to do so, You will be able to download only those videos which you will be able to watch. And you will decide to download only after you watch those. In Youtube the file... Read More »