How to Download Skype on a Samsung Instinct?

Answer You can download Skype for your Samsung Instinct by simply browsing the web. You can have Skype send you the application directly, or browse to the website on your phone. Applications can expand yo... Read More »

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How to Run Linux on a Samsung Instinct S30?

The Samsung S30 Instinct phone has USB mass storage. This means that you may transfer software and files to your phone with a USB card. This is the same case when running Linux on your Samsung phon... Read More »

Can I unlock the Samsung Instinct?

You can unlock the Samsung Instinct cellular telephone. To unlock the telephone, you will need the device's IMEI number to get the unlock code. Once you have unlocked the phone, you can use it on a... Read More »

Can metro pcs flash my samsung instinct?

Yes Metro PCS can flash your Samsung Instinct. I already have one flashed to metro. However, you can only make calls and text unless you change the data settings. After the phone has been flashed t... Read More »

Instructions for the Samsung Instinct S30 Camera?

The Samsung Instinct S30 is a smart phone available for use on the Sprint cellular network. The device's features include a touchscreen display, a full HTML Web browser, a microSD card slot and Blu... Read More »