How to Download SIM Cards on an iPhone?

Answer If you purchased your iPhone from AT&T, it uses Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) technology -- as well as a SIM card. Among the SIM card's functions is storing a backup of the contacts... Read More »

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Can iPhone Sim Cards be swapped into another iPhone If so what is the process after you put the Sim in the other iPhone?

Yes it can be swapped. I actually swapped my razr's sim card to my iphone. Nothing happened. It works perfectly.

How to Download Games for DS on R4 Cards?

The Nintendo DS is a handheld video gaming system on which you can play games from all different genres. Such types include action, arcade and puzzle, to name a few. Moreover, homebrew games -- hom... Read More »

I accidentally deleted my Facebook app on my iphone when I go to the app store to download it again it says it is installed However the app icon is not showing up on my iphone How do I restore it?

It may be that you simply deleted a short cut, if so simply make a new short cut for it. Otherwise uninstall that app and download it again.

Can sim cards be transferred to an iPhone from a non-iPhone?

Answer The original 2G iphone was IMSI locked therefore you could only use one sim with the phone. Newer Iphones 3G and 3GS are usually just carrier locked so you can swap around SIMs including MVN... Read More »