How to Download Ringtones?

Answer Details on sites that let you download ringtones to your phone. Some sites even give you 15 ringtones at no charge.

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Blackberry Ringtones- Can someone PLEASE tell me an EASY way to download songs and use them as ringtones to BB?

convert the song to ringtone mp3 to 30 seconds format by right-clicking it in itunes and selecting "convert selection to mp3" from the popup menu. itunes will make a copy of the song and you'll see... Read More »

How do I download ringtones?

Sometimes, the default ring tone options with your cell phone are just too boring. If there's a particular song or tone that you think would be much better, or you want to look for one, you can try... Read More »

Where can you download all of the Nokia ringtones for iOS?

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How Can I Download Ringtones on My Tracfone?

TracFone is a popular wireless prepaid cell phone service provider. Instead of paying monthly phone bills, TracFone allows you to buy airtime in advance. When you run out of the airtime, you simply... Read More »