How to Download All Your US Instrument Approach Charts from OnFinal.Com?

Answer Downloading each instrument approach plates one by one from the FAA website can take forever ! Think about it for one airport you can have 10-15 approaches. Each time you will have to click right ... Read More »

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What is your best approach to recuperating from a severe bout of flu..?

One definition of flu is that if someone said there was a £20 note stuck on your front door you would lie in bed and say 'Oh yeah' rather than go and get it.Rest, paracetamol to cope with the ache... Read More »

What if you download a video from youtube on realplayer, can you make a DVD from your downloads?

Very easy for u with E.M. Youtube video download tool?(1)download youtube video;(2)Convert the video to CD audio(.wav) or VCD/SVCD/DVD Video format(.mpg);(3)Burn the audio or VCD/SVCD to CD disc... Read More »

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How do you download videos from your Nikon digital camera to your computer?

Well, I have a Nikon Coolpix s202, so I don`t know about everyone, but for me I have a connecter cord and first (when the camera is off!!!) I plug the small end into the camera and the large end in... Read More »