How to Downhill With a Snowboard?

Answer Downhilling with a snowboard is different from "bombing" a hill. If you're a beginner, or the mountain is filled with people, "bombing" isn't a good choice. Instead, you can downhill!

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Is there a highway law in Quebec for coasting downhill with the gear in neutral?

It is illegal in most countries as with the car out of gear it is much harder to control or stop as you are relying only on brakes. Why don't you ask a policeman in Quebec. In most cases nobody wou... Read More »

How to Get Off a Ski Lift with a Snowboard?

To go snowboarding, you'll have to get on and off a lift. To do this, you will need to rent or buy a snowboard package, which consists of a snowboard, bindings, boots, stomp pad, leash, and a helme... Read More »

How to Get On a Ski Lift with a Snowboard?

Getting on the lift with a snowboard is not that hard, but when things go wrong, the whole world will seem to despise you for shutting down the lift. Fortunately, many modern lifts have "detachable... Read More »

Parking up hill and downhill with parking break on the floor!!!?