How to Downgrade Your PSP Without a Pandora Battery?

Answer The popularity of the PlayStation Portable (PSP) had led many owners to want modify the operating system to do things that Sony never intended, such as play games created by other PSP gamers. You c... Read More »

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How to Downgrade a PSP Without Pandora's Battery?

The Sony PSP is a portable video game device that is highly modifiable. You can downgrade the firmware to an earlier version in order to play games directly from your memory stick. You can downgrad... Read More »

How to Downgrade From OFW 6.20 on a PSP-2001 Without a Pandora Battery?

The Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) is a portable video game system. The PSP can play PSP games as well as select PS1 games downloaded from the PlayStation Network Store. Downgrading the PSP's firm... Read More »

Is the PSP Stamina Battery Pack Compatible With a Pandora Battery Mod?

The Sony PSP Stamina battery pack offers extended battery life but is not compatible with the Pandora battery mod. The Pandora battery enables the PSP to enter service mode and allows it to be ref... Read More »

Will a pandora battery work as a regular battery?

On One Hand: Irregular SizeThe Pandora Battery's irregular size prevents most electronics from working with it. Other than a PSP, there aren't any electronics that would be able to use the Pandora ... Read More »