How to Double Strand Twist Short Hair?

Answer Short hair, contrary to popular belief, can be styled in just as many fashions as long hair. Double strand twists, much like dreadlocks, offer convenience and easy management. Twists are popular be... Read More »

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How to Double Strand Twist Your Hair?

Double strand twists are a fun hairstyle that you can use to give your hair a break from the wear and tear of everyday styling. It can be left in for a few days or a few weeks depending on the type... Read More »

How to Strand and Twist Hair?

Hairstyles can tend to get boring. You may cut all your hair off, grow it long or try different styles and colors, but still want something different. Instead of sticking with the same old hairstyl... Read More »

How to Take a Synthetic Two-Strand Hair Twist Out?

A synthetic two-strand hair twist is a very simple hair style. Adding synthetic hair makes the hair twists thicker, longer or both. The hair can be twisted and styled in many different ways. The ha... Read More »

How to Two Strand Twist Natural Hair?

Naturally coarse hair was once considered difficult to style, but women with this type of hair are now embracing it rather than using chemical relaxers to straighten their hair or scheduling expens... Read More »