How to Double Clutch for Racing?

Answer When automobile racing, sometimes it may be necessary to double clutch the manual transmission to achieve a perfect shift in which the gears synchronize with engine speed. Double clutching is not ... Read More »

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How Does a Racing Clutch Work?

The names of gemstone cuts can be highly confusing for the uninitiated. For example, you might have seen the terms "emerald cut" and "princess cut" when looking at an engagement ring. At first glan... Read More »

How to Double Clutch a Car?

Many people who drive vehicles with manual transmissions might ordinarily shift gears without much thought. However, for older vehicles, trucks and racing vehicles, double clutching might be necess... Read More »

How to Double Clutch Downshift?

Double-clutch down shifting was used back in the 1920's before transmissions had synchronizers and the clutch couldn't engage without the double-clutch. It is used today in racing because it makes ... Read More »

How to Double Clutch on Midnight Club: Los Angeles?

Double clutching is a method of changing a car's gears that reduces wear to the transmission and damage to the clutch box. A technique favored by motorheads and other conscientious drivers, double... Read More »