How to Double Click?

Answer If you ever wonder how to double click a mouse then you got your answer right here!!!!

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Do you single click or double click your mouse?

single click and it's the best of the best way to use your mouse

One click or double click on the computer?

Double click on iconsSingle click on links (the cursor changes to hand)Single click on confirmation messages (Ok / Cancel)Single click navigating around menus.

Do you ever just get the urge to double-click something?

Don't listen to all the negative propaganda coming from the anti-double- clickers.Me Again would have you believe that an innocent little extra click has destroyed his sex life. Yet any fool can re... Read More »

How do I Get Rid of Windows Double Click?

Having your computer infected with the Double Click malware is not only a pain to deal with, but also a security threat to you. The malware will not only send annoying pop-ups to your computer, slo... Read More »