How to Doodle Monsters?

Answer Doodling helps pass time, and if you're creative, doodling make-believe creatures is an entertaining way to to show your talents. Because monsters are fictional, there is no right or wrong way to m... Read More »

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Looking for a 80s or 70s cartoon don't remember much except it was people and monsters these monsters had weird powers such as being able to spit out sellotape or the sorts each monster was unique?

How to Doodle?

Doodling is not just about drawing silly pictures when you're bored, but it is a creative way to also improve your drawing skills!

How to Get an Oog on "Doodle Jump"?

"Doodle Jump" is a game for Apple's iOS and can be played on an iPhone or an iPad. Players guide the doodle jumper as he bounces from platform to platform trying to achieve a high score by climbing... Read More »

How to Get to Level Q on "Doodle Fit"?

The "Doodle Fit" game for the iOS has a variety of different game modes. One of the modes, the "Letters Pack" has you, the player, fitting tetris-like blocks into an outlined area to create letters... Read More »