How to Donate to People in Need?

Answer Donating money, old clothes or toys to people who are in need is a great way of showing them that you care. Every donation they receive, new or not, is an equivalent of great happiness to them, and... Read More »

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Just like people donate Blood, Can a human donate Insulin?

Insulin used to be made from the pancreases of slaughtered pigs and cows. To get insulin from you, they'd have to take out your pancreas, which would not be good for you. You can't extract it from... Read More »

Why should people donate organs?

Thinking about what will happen to your body after death is hard for most people. Donating your organs is a generous option that benefits many people. However, it is a very serious decision that s... Read More »

How many people donate to charity?

According to a 2006 ABC News study of American charitable donations, about 75 percent of families donate to charities in some form. This report also notes that the typical American family donates a... Read More »

Why Do People Donate Plasma?

Though 10 percent of Americans donate blood every year, a much smaller percentage give plasma. Plasma can be donated through a process called plasmapheresis, which is very similar to giving blood. ... Read More »