How to Donate to Charity for a Tax Write-Off?

Answer In the United States, the Internal Revenue Service allows a deduction for the donation of cash or non-cash items to qualified charitable organizations. This deduction is available to taxpayers who ... Read More »

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How can I donate my car to charity?

If donating a car to charity for a tax deduction, it is important to do research the charity, check the value of the vehicle and find out the donor's responsibilities. Non-cash donations are more o... Read More »

Can you donate your RMD to a charity?

You are allowed to donate your required minimum distribution (RMD) to charity to claim a tax deduction for charitable giving. However, the ability to give directly to the charity without paying inc... Read More »

How to Donate Your Car to Charity?

Investigate the charity or car donation center you are thinking about donating your car to. All charities and all car donation centers are not alike. As with everything is life, there are some good... Read More »

How to Donate to Charity for Tax Purposes?

If you are looking for a way to lower your tax burden, you may be able to do so by making a donation to charity. The Internal Revenue Service allows you to donate anything from old furniture to a v... Read More »